Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) launched its online sourcing platform, hktdc.com Sourcing, in 2000, before global sourcing became fully digitalised.

The trusted online marketplace connects international quality buyers and suppliers with the latest AI and machine learning technologies and professional customer support teams, providing a personalized user experience for sourcing anytime, anywhere.

Figures of March 2024

hktdc.com Sourcing Online Advertising Service


Approx. HK$1,917/US$296 per month

A commitment of 12 months
Total cost per year: US$3,550

3GB of media storage space
Third-party authentication service
All features available in “Company Information Page”​



Approx. HK$2,500/US$385 per month

A commitment of 6 months
Total cost per 6 months: US$2,310

3GB of media storage space
All features available in “Company Information Page”​


* The Hong Kong dollar price is applicable to Hong Kong companies only. Other non-Hong Kong applicants please pay in US dollars. hktdc.com Sourcing promotion package is eligible for the SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF) provided by the Trade and Industry Department (TID) of HKSAR. The maximum amount of the grant a Hong Kong SME may obtain for the EMF is 50% of the advertising fee, subject to the final approval from the TID. For details, please visit www.smefund.tid.gov.hk.

Flexible Promotion Plans Offer Extra Exposure

hktdc.com Sourcing offers a range of value-added services that meet supplier’s diverse business needs.


Highlight selected products/services in a prominent position on our website to potential buyers

Banner Promotion

Create and place attention-grabbing banner ads to precisely target buyers

Content Editing & Photo Shooting

Improve the product presentation by taking photos with varying forms, backgrounds, and props and enhancing the website content for better search ranking

Multi-channel Promotion

Boost awareness by sharing product and brand information with buyers through HKTDC Marketplace App, buyer emails, thematic promotion pages, and Facebook campaigns

Reach out to over 2 million registered global buyers, expand your business now!

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