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The platform is effective in generating new customers from Hong Kong, the Mainland China, Southeast Asia, India and Europe. A new US buyer has expressed their interest in placing a small order of our portable karaoke machines, while a loyal client from the US, whom we met through the platform ten years ago, regularly orders 10,000 to 20,000 pieces of electronic products from us, amounting to at least US$100,000 per year.
The hktdc.com Sourcing is useful in showcasing the company's information and products to potential buyers. Additionally, we have tried the Click2Match service several times, which allowed us to contact European buyers, understand their needs, and enhance our exposure to potential buyers. It is an effective channel to meet new customers and expand the company's reach.
Our company received a dozen relevant online enquiries from hktdc.com Sourcing. Prior to the show, Filipino buyers selected two products online and subsequently visited our booth. They eventually expanded their collection.

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We aim to leverage on ‘Exhibition+’ an online-and-offline integrating model provided by the HKTDC to promote our products. In addition to participating in the Fashion InStyle, we also update our product information and photos featured on the hktdc.com Sourcing platform prior to the fair. Thus, we have already received enquiries from potential buyers in the US, India, and Pakistan.
Our main product is a health supplement made with US-patented biotechnology and proprietary extraction technologies that aid in alcohol degradation. We have great confidence in attracting international buyers with a strong wine and spirit culture, thus, we have been actively leveraging on the EXHIBITION+ online-and-offline integration model for promotion. Additionally, we are using the hktdc.com Sourcing platform to further promote our product. As a result, we have successfully attracted a buyer from Macau whom became our sole distributor in Macau. Their initial monthly order is 5,000 pieces, with the potential for more orders in the future as demand increases.
Moving forward, we will undoubtedly continue to utilize the hktdc.com Sourcing platform to promote our business online.